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libpam-heimdal vs. new krb4 & friends?

From bjorn.haxx.se:
># Updating krb4 makes 1 packages uninstallable on alpha: libpam-heimdal
># Updating krb4 makes 3 packages uninstallable due to depending on
>krb4: arla, heimdal, cyrus-sasl2

So it looks like libpam-heimdal is the only thing preventing the arla/heimdal/cyrus-sasl2/krb4 group from going in. (Of course they have to wait for heimdal to build on the the three arches whose buildds are still down, too. And I could be missing an arch-specific issue.)

I don't use it myself. :-)
However, I'm guessing one of two things is true:
* It doesn't break when krb4, heimdal, and cyrus-sasl2 go in together, and the scripts are just overly conservative.
This would be the case if it currently works in unstable.

* It does break.  In this case it must also be broken in unstable.
(libpam-heimdal hasn't been uploaded since 2002.) In this case it probably just needs a rebuild. Although if it breaks, it's been broken for a while; since its maintainer also maintains the heimdal package, and libpam-heimdal has no open bugs against it, that would seem surprising and unlikely to me.

I'm not comfortable installing and testing it to find out which is true. Maybe someone just happens to know, of course.

Either way it looks like this set is nearly ready for hinting in.

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