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Re: Hinting openmotif & friends?

Adrian Bunk wrote:
>Independent of this, they are not ready:
>xawtv depends on new zlib
>  zlib has build failures on several architectures
This should hopefully be fixed ASAP as it's holding up mozilla.

>xawtv depends on new alsa-lib
>  alsa-lib depends on new jack-audio-connection-kit
jack-audio-connection-kit has to go in at the same time as:
  puredata (which needs to finish building on all archs)
  freqtweak (which is waiting for fftw3, which is broken on some arches)
    which needs new linux-kernel-headers to be built on hppa and powerpc,
    and installed on the buildds, and then needs to be built on those
    arches :-P
    which seems not to have a working new version in unstable yet!
    Perhaps the 'experimental' version is the new one?
    Or perhaps it just needs a rebuild against the libraries in unstable?

Clearly the priorities here are:
  * Fix fftw3, or remove freqtweak from testing
  * get new linux-kernel-headers on the buildds
  * find out what the HECK is up with pd-externals

However, if the old motv was temporarily removed from testing, it would break
the linkage between xawtv and four of the packages I mentioned.  Then
openmotif, fbi, ida, and libpcd could go in, and they've been waiting long
enough it's probably worth it.  :-/

Then new motv would only be waiting for xawtv, which would
only be waiting for zlib and alsa-lib, and they would presumably go in when
the jack-audio-connection-kit logjam unjams.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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