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Re: Bug#219545: Proposed packages to remove from testing

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 08:01:02AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > advi:  Maintainer won't fix the RC bug until he fixes "other" problems,
> > which he hasn't gotten around to.  Packages which FTBFS should not be in
> > sarge.  Accordingly, remove it until the maintainer gets around to fixing
> > his bugs.  (or, yell at the maintainer with authority ;-)
> It's such a simple fix that it's only one-line and I don't know if it's really 
> worth it, but if it's going to be removed I've got packages that require advi.

Why should it be removed ? There is really no reason for it, we are not
near the release in any stretch of the imagination, we are at least
month from being ready.

Also i find it really unacceptable that i get threated like that, while
the ftp-masters are letting a package that fixes at least two RC-related
bugs (altough not filled, but they know about it) rooting in the NEW
queue since month. Again, debian shows that not all developpers are
equal here.

> Sven, I don't think it's really worth bothering you, but if the priority is 
> low, and you are busy, I can offer to NMU for you.

I think it is not worth it until :

  1) the autobuilder are fixed. 

  2) the NMU also fixes some of the more annoying bugs i am working on.

Time would be much better spent fixing one of the billion other RC bugs
around, instead of this minor bug.


Sven Luther

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