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Re: jack 0.75 mini-freeze

Hi, fellow debian audio developers, and release managers.

> > I think jack-audio-connection-kit and related packages should enter mini-freeze,
> > to get something released to testing.

This is my (3rd?) update on the freeze status. 

From the look of it, jack-audio-connection-kit is waiting for

	ecasound2.2 -- latex2html problem (uploaded at urgency=HIGH, but python seems to be broken)
		removing this from testing will remove ecamegapedal, ecawave also.
	freqtweak -- waiting for fftw3 -- remove ?
	alsa-lib -- only 5 days old. Removing this would be unreasonable because alsa is required 
		for jack operation.

At the earliest jack-audio-connection-kit can go into testing after 5 days

	alsa-lib is ready
	python is fixed and all buildds rebuild ecasound2.2, or 
		ecasound2.2, ecamegapedal, ecawave is removed from testing 
	freqtweak is removed from testing



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