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Re: Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Now, I suggest: allow a way to add bug-fixes directly into testing,
> instead of having them go through unstable first.  If there's a new (and
> very buggy) version in unstable, but there's an easy-to-fix bug in
> testing, why not allow developers to fix this bug without going through
> the unstable barrier?

Guess what testing-proposed-updates is for.

> I'm not a developer, I consider myself a Debian bug-reporter.  And I
> usually report bugs for testing, and many times I've received the reply
> "this is fixed in unstable", but then unstable never comes because there
> are LOTS of other bugs.  So, why not allow the bug-fixes to go into
> testing, even if the new version does not come?

Packages in unstable have dependencies in unstable which may not be
met in testing, hence they cannot simply be included in testing.
Unfortunately we need to take care of this.

> PS: As a Debian user, I would really hate to see sarge released as it is
> right now.  I consider an insult to the user that "Evolution" is not in
> the release (not even the old woody version).  But this is outside my
> present suggestion.

Packages with similar depencency complexity pose the same problems, I'm
sure.  A lot of dependencies need to be fulfilled before they can be
included.  If somewhere in the chain there is a problem, the package
cannot go in.



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