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Re: jack 0.75 mini-freeze

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Matt Kraai wrote:
> > For my part, I would prefer that jack gets pushed in and gem stays
> > uninstallable for some days, than having jack to wait another 10
> > days. ... So feel free to remove gem from testing, I will try to
> > figure out whats happening on ppc and hppa and then it can migrate into
> > testing again.
> See bug 220232.

pthread.h includes time.h
linux/videodev2.h includes linux/time.h

this means either videodev2.h is broken, or you can not use videodevices
together with pthreads.

I am just trying to state the obvious: libc-dev is broken, not the
packages that use it.

Of course bugs can be fixed, but the JACK dependancy structure is such
a fragile construct that things like this delay its moving into testing
for at least half a month. I fear that during these 15
days new issues will pop up, which leads to the conclusion that
with the current release system Debian will release with a terribly
outdated JACK system.

Is there something we can do to prevent that ?


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