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Re: mozilla-firebird on m68k

> > Mozilla-firebird hasn't moved into testing because it is out of date
> > on m68k.  Usually when this happens Bj�rn's page links to a log with
> > details on the failure, but as far as I can tell the build hasn't yet
> > been attempted.  I know m68k sometimes runs late -- is it really
> > lagging by more than a month?
> It seems to be listed as Building in wanna-build, but that was some time
> ago. Does anyone on m68k-build know?

It's listed as building by adconrad-a4000t, started Oct. 20. There's no
log of any sort. The previous build on q650 took 70 hours. apache2 also
was taken by a4000t and not logged. Might be some lag there, maybe the box
went down.

Re: lag: we just about recovered from a huge backlog, and it's definitely
possible that certain packages have been delayed by weeks.


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