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Re: updating gcc-3.3 to the final gcc-3.3.2 release for sarge

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 09:34:31PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> gcc-3.3.2 is supposed to be release in early October. Since the last
> snapshot in Debian, at least one wrong-code-gen bug and one regression
> reported to the Debian BTS is fixed upstream (besides 10 other
> regressions).
> Although the toolchain packages are frozen, I want to update the
> gcc-3.3 packages towards the final 3.3.2 release, to release with a
> released upstream compiler once the current gcc-3.3 packages have been
> moved to testing.
> Please let me know, if there are arguments against this procedure.

As long as the changes are minor and we're sure they won't cause new
breakage it's not an issue. Going from 3.3.2pre4 to 3.3.2 /should/ be
minor. If it bumps shlibs or similar, it's more of an issue, but still
probably not a major problem. If it changes a soversion, that does become
a problem.


FYI: Note that I've forced the current version of gcc-3.3 into testing
for tomorrow's dinstall; in spite of it being broken on arm, and unbuilt
on m68k. This will ease a bunch of problems, but is still causing major
hassles for Qt and KDE, so we still need a properly fixed gcc-3.3 ASAP.


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