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libgc and testing


I've been trying to push through the last few fixes required for libgc
to go into testing. Currently we have:

  marlais: maintainer uploaded a fix, 0 of 10 days old.

  oo2c: #194348 needs debugging on hppa? It's possible that this is
  already fixed elsewhere, so if the maintainer confirms this then
  there'll be no need for an upload.

  w3mmee-img: #196620 needs fixing. I've offered an NMU.

Once that's done libgc and all its dependants can go in (earlier I
wrongly thought that libsigc++ had to be ready at the same time, which
is a lot harder).

libsigc++ is the next roadblock in my list, but so far that requires
fixes to apt, gtkextramm, lostirc, thoughttracker, vdk2, vdkxdb, and
xdelta2 as well. Ouch.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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