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Re: Stable Release plan

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 01:45:50PM +0100, lance wrote:
>The other alternative would be to produce an update cd that contained the
>updates from 2.2r2 to 2.2r3 - especially if the update cd could be the cd
>to install from :)
>All I am asking for is enough time to make a reasonable effort at making
>and shipping the version before the next version is released. If you want
>to have interim releases with minor fixes - why not call them 2.2r3.1 etc
>and produce an update iso rather than a complete new set of CD's ??

I've already got code to produce update CDs in the CVS version of
debian-cd right now - I sell Debian CDs too and my customers were
pestering me for this - buying a full set each time gets
expensive. I'd appreciate it if people were to look at it and pass on
any comments.

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