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Re: Things should be ready for 2.2r2 soon

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 09:15:07AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> Things should be ready for the 2.2r2 release soon. The only outstanding
> issue I have is sparc boot-floppies, which should be done today.
> Are there any other outstanding issues with the other ports that I don't
> know about yet?
> Anthony, sorry for the delay, but things do seem to be ready now, barring
> anything unforseen.
I was just going to ask about the boot-floppies. the latest we have on m68k
is (AFAIR) 2.2.17, since 18 and 19 did not build. I hope things are fixed
now in 2.2.20, are we using that?

For m68k we want to use a new set of kernels, they have to be uploaded. Nick
has just created a new kernel-patch packages and three images, I will
rebuild the remaining three images with the new patch. However, the feedback
from our user community has not been very good, so they are more or less
untested except on the machines which are available to Nick, Michael and me.
Not that the situation is worse than at the initial potato release...
Anyhow, a new set of m68k boot-floppies are ready tomorrow at the earliest
(if nothing goes wrong with building bf this time). And we would probably
upload the images used together with the boot-floppies, if nobody minds

When is the 2.2r3 release planned? We would like to use the 2.2.17 kernel
soon, but this requires a little more testing...

As for the other packages, I am also building a new xfree_3.3.6 atm. With a
little luck, this might be finished as well tomorrow. Hmm, I think I could
need another fast machine...


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