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Re: Current 2.2r2 status

Previously Ben Collins wrote:
> - Security updates affecting base packages, Wichert. How long till this
>   is done? What packages should we be watching for?

New modutils (current security fix breaks some things in nasty ways),
libncurses (dan), elvis-tiny (uploaded, needs to be rebuild).

> - Rest of securitu updates, Wichert (time frame again please).

I would like to see apache fixed, but I can't do that today (no time).
ghostscript will be announced today (couple of hours from now).
mc/gmc, can do tomorrow. X needs to be recompiled for other archs.
htdig, probably thursday or friday.

There are one or two others but if those aren't done on friday I
don't have problem with doing those for 2.2r3.


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