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Re: 2.2.18pre kernels and pcmcia in 2.2rN

Brian Mays <brian@debian.org> writes:

> Well, my personal opinion (and I have stated it several times in the
> past few months) is that whenever the kernel version is updated, the
> PCMCIA packages should be updated to the LATEST version also.  After
> all, it is only fair.  I don't want to deal with bug reports swarming
> in that "PCMCIA support is broken with the latest kernel (version
> xx.xx.xx)", when the pcmcia sources are obsolete.

I agree with that.  Anyhow, that seems to be what we're doing, so all
should be well in 2.2r2.

> Please let me know if you encounter any problems.  Keep in mind that
> Herbert has changed the name of the package (to include the "pre"
> version number).  I'm not quite sure whether it will cause problems, but
> it might require me to modify my hacks.

I've tested the idepci and compact flavors, and they seem to work

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