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Re: Package pools, testing, 2.2r2

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Do you realize this will break dselect for everyone who uses apt
> currently? I suggest you hold off doing this until we see if that
> can be fixed.

Thinko? APT will not break, anything using APT will not break. It does not
even look like dpkg-ftp will break.

What will break hard is any ancient dpkg method that relies on a local
mirror (disk, mountable, etc). If there is anyone using that right now
then they can fix it, along with their partial mirror, etc. I think we are
talking about, what, two, three people here? It won't even cripple them,
they just have to use dpkg-ftp to get their updates. 

We are really not talking about that many people, if even any..
Some of it is fixable with hard links but I'd rather not encourage that,
they are expensive.


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