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Re: Potato revision 1

"J.H.M. Dassen (Ray)" <jhm@cistron.nl> writes:

> I would very much like to see the following in r1:
> - Mozilla M17, as it is much more usable than M14

I would agree with that.

> - PostgreSQL 7.0, as it supports foreign keys (a very desirable thing to
>   have for non-trivial databases), which 6.5 doesn't.
>   Upgrading from 6.5 is quite tricky at the moment, so that would need
>   improvement.

I would *strongly* disagree with that.  Postgresql v7 introduced a
number of what I would consider gratuitious changes, such as changing
of some of the programs (pg_*) and also eliminating SQL comment syntax
compatability (// syntax).  This is going to break packages that
aren't prepared for it and I think it's too major of a change to try
to cram into potato.

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