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Re: Definitive package list for 2.1r5...

>   [Vincent 2000/01/07]
>   package      : emacs20
>   version      : 20.5a-1.99
>   architectures: i386 m68k (ALPHA, SPARC MISSING!!!!)
>   issue        : Y2K fix in lisp/timezone.el

When I tried to build this package on slink Alpha with the default compiler
(egcs 1.1.2) it failed to compile the lisp packages. I retried with an
old egcs 1.0.3a but it still dumped core. I'm unsure how to handle
this case. I could try to compile with a newer gcc 2.95 but that's
potato stuff. 

Any advice what to do about it ?

If I hit no additional problems I'll compile the rest of the alpha and
sparc updates until Wednesday.



Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de

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