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Re: Staged Freezes

On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 10:43:59AM -0500, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > You should -- but please don't do it on the debian-release list!  Do
> > it on debian-project.
> Doh, *hanging head in shame*, sorry guys.  Chris, there are probably more
> people on -project that have discussed it before and have a better idea of
> what is involved than I.  I don't see many technical problems with your
> proposal.  I do wonder about the scalability.  I also wonder about the
> release managers load under each proposal (now would be a good time for a
> release manager to chime in).  I do think all technical concerns for the
> pool that you have raised can be easily answered, but as Adam pointed out,
> this isn't the place.  That just leaves us with gut feelings I guess :-)

Sorry if this isn't the right list - it is just where Wichert suggested I take
the discussion (when moving it off -devel).  I will move the proposal to
project (after I subscribe to it!).


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