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Bug#876905: qtwebkit should not be release with buster

El martes, 2 de abril de 2019 17:48:26 -03 Moritz Mühlenhoff escribió:
> > Truth is we can't even agree inside the team. Some of us think we should
> > just remove it alongside whatever hasn't been ported, some think we should
> > not.
> > 
> > Now in my *very personal* opinion: even if it's not supported by the
> > security team I think it should keep the RC status if released with
> > buster.
> > It's a pile of security bugs in one single package.
> qtwebkit hasn't been security-supported in any Debian release it was ever
> present in. Does it really make sense to remove it now so close to the
> buster release (with all kinds of unpreditable fallout on kde4libs).
> Wouldn't it be better to wait after the buster release and then agressively
> bump all the remaining QT4/KDE4 to RC-severity the day after the buster
> release so that automated testing removals can do their magic (and filin
> g RM bugs a few months later).

That's exactly what I wrote above, but keeping the RC bug. Even if it's not 
supported we should warn our users of the big security pile of bugs it is.

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