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Bug#671944: Bug#671391: Reassign bugs to nepomuk daemon (which sits in kde-runtime)


> kde-runtime has already a recommend on virtuoso, and it's more than
> enough given that
> a) any KDE application depend on kde-runtime
> b) the semantic desktop is an *optional* feature
> So no, an hard dependency will *not* be added.
That's unfortunate, but understood.

> So? Anything in the dependency stack below KDE can have bad effects on
> KDE (say Qt, GNU libc, the kernel, ...).
I understand your point, but please consider the following:
- There is a problem somewhere, since Nepomuk does not work in Debian 
currently (unless you download stuff manually from snapshots).
- Supposedly, neither virtuoso nor nepomuk is the right place to report the 
So, what is the right place then? I hope you do not deny that there is a 
problem which needs to be fixed.

Kind regards,

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