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Bug#671944: libnepomuk4: Virtuoso entirely missing from testing, making Nepomuk unusable

severity 671944 minor


Alle martedì 8 maggio 2012, Ralf Jung ha scritto:
> Package: libnepomuk4
> Version: 4:4.7.4-4
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> Virtuoso is missing from testing, and without it, Nepomuk does not
> work (also see [1]). As I had to find out the hard way [2],

The fact that virtuoso is missing from testing is not something related 
to us.

> reporting this against Virtuoso is wrong (sorry for the multiple bug
> reports caused by this). As a result of virtuoso missing, new
> installations will not be able to get a working Nepomuk, making the
> package unusable.

Err no, sorry, we're not talking about a daemon or a service, but about 
a library, which is linked directly and indirectly by lot of KDE 
| Package: libkio5
| Depends: [...], libnepomuk4 (...), [...]
this is because the KIO dialog for overwriting a file can optionally 
show semantic metadata to compare the two files; note the feature just 
works when the semantic desktop is enabled (i.e. not just when you have 
virtuoso installed, but also when you have the semantic desktop 
*enabled* in system settings).
So applications which would use KIO for handling non-local files but no 
semantic desktop would get virtuoso installed? No thanks. Even those who 
explicitly link to libnepomuk usually can just work fine without 
semantic desktop enabled, just with those features disabled.

Either way, the dependency you proposed is really way out.
If you care about having virtuoso in testing again, then cooperate with 
its maintainers.

Pino Toscano

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