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Bug#666968: [kde-standard] Do not uselessly define "KDE Software Compilation" in extended description

Package: kde-standard
Version: 5:74
Severity: wishlist

The descriptions are:

KDE Plasma Desktop and standard set of applications

The KDE Software Compilation is the powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use Free
Software desktop platform and suite of applications.

This metapackage includes the KDE Plasma Desktop and a selection of the most
common used applications in a standard KDE desktop.

First of all, please either refer to the KDE Software Compilation, or do not define it.

While we're at it, kde-standard does not include KDE Plasma Desktop, it merely depends on it. And in fact, it depends on kde-plasma-desktop (>= 5:74) | kde-plasma-netbook (>= 5:74).

Also, please avoid using the word standard in the sense of "common" or "typical", due to the possible interpretation as "standardized".
"common used applications" should read "commonly used applications".

I suggest:
KDE workspace and typical set of KDE applications

This metapackage provides a KDE workspace and a selection of KDE applications found in a typical KDE desktop environment.

I added a mention of "desktop environment".

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