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Bug#651950: KDE crash log appended

reassign 651950 plasma-dataengines-workspace kdebase-workspace/4:4.6.5-4
reassign 651951 plasma-dataengines-workspace kdebase-workspace/4:4.6.5-4
forgemerge 651950 651951

Alle martedì 13 dicembre 2011, Karsten Hilbert ha scritto:
> Here's a traceback of the crash.

Note it misses the libgps symbols.

> > thanks for the bugreport - not sure why you've filed it against
> > plasma-desktop and libgps20, though.
> Well, the segfault appeared to happen when
> /usr/bin/plasma-desktop attempted to use libpgs.so.20 (or so
> it appeared to me) so that's why.

One report is enough, it can be reassigned where due, and even cloned if 

It looks like KDE's bug #277036 (fixed with the commit 60d13c5) is quite 
similar; I'll cherrypick the patch, so it can be part of the next 
kdebase-workspace 4.6.5-x upload (whenever it is, if any before 4.7).
In the short them, if you need no gps geolocation in Plasma, remove
and then relogin.

Pino Toscano

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