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Bug#651868: Sorting problem in testing KMail

Package: kmail
Version: 4:

Good Afternoon,

I have small, but irritating problem with sorting messages in standard KMail from Debian testing: for example - I have message from somebody and I want to get listed all messages from that sender, so I click the "sender" bar and get all messages sorted, the problem is, that most probably, I have "lost" the message, I have started with - it does not stay in messages subjects listing window. To find it, I have to scroll through all sorted perhaps thousands messages. If I then try to sort according to date, so I am lost again, but in different way.

This is not a problem neither in KMail in KDE3.5 Lenny (I have it at office - I have refused to update it) nor in TrinityDE (kmail-trinity 4:3.5.12-0debian7+r11784), which I have in my home Debian testing machine. It is also not a problem in Evolution which my workmates use together with old good Lenny.

In general, I am extremely disappointed by KDE4, I see not a single improvement compared to KDE3.5, ony some fancy, hard to control skins. But it is not the question here. The question is the sorting problem in KMail from KDE4. Lucky, I have the Trinity version.

With Best Greetings
Barbara Glowacka

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