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Re: A Debian sprint for package management GUIs?

Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Hi,
> given the poor state of our desktop package management tools in squeeze,
> and the number of unknown variables when it comes to wheezy, I’d like to
> propose to gather around in a dedicated Debian sprint on this topic. We
> should be able to get funding from the project for such a task.
> Schedule could include:
>       * Upstream and Debian state of synaptic, update-*, aptdaemon,
>         software-center, PackageKit and related packages
>       * What features we want to expose on our desktop environments (use
>         cases, interaction scenarios)
>       * Which tools to focus on to provide these features for wheezy
>       * Trying to envision what features we want in wheezy+1 and how to
>         make this happen
>       * Initial common hacking session to get wheezy on the right tracks
> How many of you would be interested in such a meeting?

I would be happy to join if I can be available at the chosen date, to 
discuss packaging of the Qt-KDE side of things (although I wouldn't like to 
take the place of another Qt-KDE packager, especially as I haven't been very 
active on that front lately).



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