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Re: A Debian sprint for package management GUIs?

I would also be interested in this meeting, especially in the
PackageKit side. I believe PK is the right way to go, but only if the
current APTcc backend gets a few improvements and if we identify the
(Debian-specific) stuff PK is probably missing.
On KDE's side, I hope I can find a sponsor for Apper soon, so this
software management UI is available on Debian too. So Debian/KDE can
choose between Apper and Muon there.
On Debian/GNOME I think the most user-friendly alternative is the
Ubuntu Software Center at time, although there are CLA issues. An
alternative would be waiting for GNOME-PackageKit to get
application-installer support, but this will probably take some time,
since Richard Hughes has lots of stuff to do... But the GPK
Update-Viewer is a very nice application with great GNOME integration,
so maybe it makes sense to use parts of GPK.
In any case we need to think about AppStream and probably communicate
things with other distributors (what is the current state of
AppStream?) - although focusing on Debian is definitely required.
If this meeting takes place in Cologne, I'll definitely come if I
don't have tests in that week. (I'm only ~30min away from Cologne)
It's great that this thing is discussed!

2011/11/24 Julian Andres Klode <jak@debian.org>:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:01:38AM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
>> Hi,
>> given the poor state of our desktop package management tools in squeeze,
>> and the number of unknown variables when it comes to wheezy, I’d like to
>> propose to gather around in a dedicated Debian sprint on this topic. We
>> should be able to get funding from the project for such a task.
> The state of GNOME/GTK+ package management in squeeze was the same as in
> Ubuntu's LTS version. For wheezy, the only question is whether we want to
> go with the Ubuntu stack again, or go with PackageKit on our own.
> On the KDE side, things do not look that good AFAICT. They have an
> update notifier, but AFAIK not much more than that; and apparently
> not enough people to do more. They could go with QApt/Muon or with
> PackageKit, whatever they choose.
>> Schedule could include:
>>       * Upstream and Debian state of synaptic, update-*, aptdaemon,
>>         software-center, PackageKit and related packages
> From what I know, all packages except for update-notifier are actively
> developed.
>>       * What features we want to expose on our desktop environments (use
>>         cases, interaction scenarios)
>>       * Which tools to focus on to provide these features for wheezy
>>       * Trying to envision what features we want in wheezy+1 and how to
>>         make this happen
>>       * Initial common hacking session to get wheezy on the right tracks
>> How many of you would be interested in such a meeting?
> Theoretically yes, practically no, at least not before the middle of
> February. I'm in my first semester at university now, and in general
> not very travel-friendly (especially if it means travelling outside
> of Hesse).
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