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Bug#563352: Upstream won't change


I also don't think that Konsole should be patched. Instead clarify in the policy what a "command" actually is. Saying "everything that works with xterm" is too broad (and too broken).

Let's look at the one from the KDE bug report:
    konsole -e "cd src && make"

This is not a command, it's a line to be interpreted e.g. by a shell. That's not the same but often confused: "cd" is a command and "make" is another but the above is not. The suggestion in the KDE bug report is indeed the solution:
    konsole -e /bin/sh -c "cd src && make"

as that fits any definition of command (/bin/sh) and arguments (the other arguments) and fully complies to policy. How is konsole supposed to see that this is to be interpreted by /bin/sh and not by python or perl? Just because xterm does something funky and blindly assumes a standard shell? That contradicts policy 11.8.3 _directly_: "[...]runs the specified command, interpreting the entirety of the rest of the command line as a command to pass straight to exec[...]"

xterm obviously does NOT do this!
And policy is not everything. Having a consistent behaviour of konsole on Debian and non-Debian system is far more important.


BTW: the example from the KDE bug report is rather stupid, using "cd src && konsole -e make" seems smarter, no? And that even works :-O

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