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Bug#643656: icons not showing up - empty XDG_DATA_DIRS

On Wednesday, 2011-10-12, Török Edwin wrote:
> I tried moving kde to .kde-old, and logging in again but that didn't help.
> I finally tracked down the problem: XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable was
> empty which caused a number of applications to not function correctly in
> KDE (pidgin not finding its icons, openbox not findings the themes, etc.).
> I removed /var/cache/desktop-profiles/activated-profiles, and run
> update-profile-cache as root.
> Now when I login all the icons show up in the tray as they are supposed to,
> because XDG_DATA_DIRS is no longer empty!

Can you try unsetting XDG_DATA_DIRS and see if the problem shows up again?

XDG_DATA_DIRS unset or empty should work, applications are supposed to fall 
back to the specified default value (/usr/share:/usr/local/share if I remember 


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