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Bug#644173: Kuickshow does not exist any more

Am 03.10.2011 21:29, schrieb Sune Vuorela:
On Monday 03 October 2011 18:08:39 Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Monday, 2011-10-03, Karsten Malcher wrote:
Package: kuickshow
Severity: wishlist

Hello together,

i am really a fan of the kuickshow and so i am really sad that it is
missing since KDE4 now.
According to this [1] there is a version for KDE4 libs.
Kuickshow uses the upstream dead and buried imlib1 that also got removed from
debian long time ago.


Hmmm - but it is working with the old libs installed parallel to the new one.

It would be the best way when the kuickshow developer would integrate the needed stuff from the old libraries in the sources of kuickshow.
Is this possible?

Best regards

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