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Bug#590326: konqueror: Middle click in Konqueror kills mouse usage in KDE

I'm so glad to find this bug, I thought I was the only person on the
Internet having this problem.  Are the original posters still experiencing
it with KDE 4.4 or 4.6, whichever you're on now ?

This symptom, of middle-click in Konqueror putting the mouse into
an irrecoverable state, has been an intermittent problem for me since
KDE3.5 days.  I recently upgraded to Squeeze, although still running 3.5
(Trinity KDE 3.5.12), and now it's almost guaranteed to occur.

I will try to replicate it on KDE4.4 as well, but I need the machine at
the moment so can't really spare much time to experiment (hence why
running Trinity until I can develop a new way of working for KDE4,
my existing workflow habits depend on KDE3.5 so much).

What I can say is:

* using the 3.5 keyboard-status-applet, it seems that X becomes convinced
that the middle button is stuck down, and nothing will make it release it.
I don't know how to get this information out of KDE4 though.

* it doesn't seem to depend on mouse driver, as I've forced X to use the
old mouse_drv on /dev/input/mice, rather than auto-discovering via evdev,
and I still have the problem.

* it only seems to be Konqueror.  Middle-click on maximise button or on
a link or in the location bar will cause it, not always but often.

* I've set EmulateWheel, EmulateWheelButton and Emulate3Buttons to
"0", to avoid possible effects from extra button presses simulating
middle-clicks or middle-drags.

I have a dump of the stream from /dev/input/mice taken when the problem
occurred, if that is of use.  Not looked at how to interpret it yet but
I can upload if it's wanted.

Maybe the problem on KDE4 is different from that on KDE3, but my hunch at
present is that they may be related.  If you guys are still experiencing
it, it's probably worth our while taking this bug upstream.


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