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Bug#630148: Failure to clean up resources in temporary dir

Package: konqueror
Version: 4:4.4.5-3

Note up front: This is probably not only a problem with konqueror but also 
with other KDE parts, but it hit me most with konqueror.

The problem is that konqueror caches files in /var/tmp/ from webbrowsing, 
which are never cleaned up. I recently removed a folder /var/tmp/kdecache-
uli/http which took up 1.5GiB(!) of space there. Note that rebooting or 
anything like that doesn't help, these files are never cleaned up AFAICT.

Two wishes here:
1. If applications cache things, they also need to clean up their cache.
2. If it is not the applications, the surrounding system itself should clean 
up regularly.

Thank you!


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