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Bug#629197: amarok: xine backend: Output Device Preference list only contains Jack

On 04/06/11 15:37, Modestas Vainius wrote:
It is some kind of misconguration. Anyway, try phonon-backend-vlc or phonon-
backend-gstreamer. xine backend is no longer recommended.

I'm sure that it is a misconguration but it was properly configured yesterday.

Ok, so I'll try the vlc backend. Once again I have lots of empty lines
but this time followed by alsa, aout_file, oss, dummy.
Show advanced devices is selected.
Where are all my sound cards and most importantly my virtual sound cards?
I can play music on the default alsa sound device
but this is not the right device.

I have found the problem. When you upgrade kde you have kill the running
kde daemons (I killed kdeinit4, klauncher, kded4, kio_http_cache_cleaner)
otherwise newly launched kde clients don't work correctly.
I use gnome  so I was able to restart kde without unlogging or rebooting.
My all alsa devices are back and I'm using the vlc backend.
It was http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=628467 that gave
me the hint to restart the KDE session. And the wikipedia module works
again as well.

By the way when you run "reportbug amarok" it says

"If Amarok does not play anything, you hear no sound or it skips through songs,
you are probably using Phonon GStreamer backend. To fix this either:

1) Install phonon-backend-xine package and remove
   phonon-backend-gstreamer package (with your favourite apt package manager)."

This message doesn't agree with your comment about phonon-backend-xine no
longer being recommended. http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Phonon says
"For Linux users the currently recommended choice is Xine"

thanks for your help!

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