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Bug#621921: phonon 4.6.0 is in reality 4.4.2 : is it possible to upgrade to 4.4.3 in squeeze ?

Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org> - Sun, 10 Apr 2011 14:15:07 +0300

>reassign 621921 phonon-backend-xine 4:4.6.0really4.4.2-1
>close 621921 4:4.6.0really4.4.3-1
>severity 621921 normal
>retitle 621921 xine backend won't play files with non-ascii names in non-UTF8 locales
>forwarded 621921 https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=172242
>tags 621921 squeeze
>On Sunday 10 April 2011 13:12:44 Michel Briand wrote:
>> >Maybe somebody will build backports. Though it's troublesome as 4.4.4+ has
>> >many changes. If I were you, I would switch locale to UTF-8. Do not delay
>> >invetitable.
>> Yes and no : when you have a legacy of hard drive / data you want to be
>> able to access them even with the latest distro / software !
>Maybe but it's a non-default configuration hence this bug is by no means
>"very important". Switch locale to UTF-8 and use something like convmv to
>convert filenames. Or, since this appears to be a xine backend problem, you
>might as well switch Phonon backend to gstreamer or vlc. Or upgrade to

I think saying that iso-8859-* filesystem is "non-default"
configuration is really excessive. It's just legacy configuration. 

I don't think that all data should be adapted because programs tend to
lack proper support for it. This rationale is the worst thing for
perennial computer systems.


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