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Bug#623394: Unuseable kspread, number and typing formulas


Could you please post one bug for one problem instead of one bug for several ?

> first. you cannot select and paste into xterm
> whatever with ctrl + c or middle mouse click

I can confirm that you can't copy several cells. There is a bug open on the Calligra bug tracker :


> second, you cannot type a formula and select several cells

I think you've already open a bug for this problem, in january :

Have you been able to try with the version of Koffice from testing or unstable ?

> I want 295800 and this wihtout fighting. Not possible because not listed.

If I well understand, when you type "295800", it is displayed as "295,800".
It may be a problem of localisation : In systemsettings, Region and Languages, number, you can change the separator of tousands. Are you able to correct the problem with this setting ?

Thank you for reporting bugs,


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