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contribution to koffice packaging


I have been using Debian, KDE and Koffice for a few years now. I recently 
saw that the maintainers of Koffice are looking for help :

So I am offering my help, as I am using kword, kpresenter and sometimes 
krita, and I like these softwares :-) I posted an answer to the wnpp bug :

I am motivated to contribute and to learn, but I have never done any 
packaging work before, and my only contributions to Debian are on french 
translations. I have some knowledge in programming (C, C++, ruby, cmake, 
git…), sys admin and I have (quickly) read the webpages concerning the 
development in Debian: 

I am not very busy for now, so I can spend some of my spare time for this 

I don't know very well on which points you need help, how you are organized 
and how to start.
Maybe I can begin with bugs triage or simple tasks?

Please let me know how you would like me to contribute!


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