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Bug#611376: cannot uninstall akonadi-server keeping base kde installed

Package: akonadi-server
Version: 1.3.1-3+b1

I'm running Debian on my netbook, it has 512 mb ram, so every mb is valuable. I can live w/o akonadi features (i don't use them), but it is running in the system anyways, taking up to 80 megs of ram (running mysql server on a netbook is a bit too aggressive i think).

Issuing 'apt-get purge  akonadi-server' will try to uninstall the following packages:
  akonadi-server* gdebi-kde* kchart* kde-plasma-desktop* kdebase* kdebase-workspace* kdebase-workspace-bin* kdepim-kresources* kdepim-runtime* kdeplasma-addons* kipi-plugins*
  kmail* knotes* koffice-libs* kopete* korganizer* krita* libkdepim4* libkopete4* libmessagelist4* plasma-dataengines-workspace* plasma-desktop* plasma-widgets-addons*
  plasma-widgets-workspace* python-kde4* system-config-printer-kde*

the following packages:
 kde-plasma-desktop* kdebase* kdebase-workspace* kdebase-workspace-bin*  plasma-desktop python-kde4
should be usable w/o akonadi running.

i was able to remove all akonadi-related packages (except for libraries) in opensuse 10.4, and after that i got latest KDE (4.6) running w/o akonadi (i used 'top' commandline tool to check this), so I believe this is possible for debian too.
akonadi-server should be installed with some big metapackage like kde, but the above mentioned packages should be installable w/o akonadi

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