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Bug#604773: [kspread] Time cells shown as 00:00 when ODS file is loaded, corrupted when saving as ODS

Package: kspread
Version: 1:2.2.1-3
Severity: grave
Tags: upstream fixed-upstream

2 days ago a new OOo migrated to squeeze and I decided to remove it, forgetting that I used Calc daily for my timesheet - ahem. So when I opened my timesheet yesterday, it didn't open with Calc, but with KSpread, which I also had installed. I thought I wouldn't bother to reinstall OOo just for that, so I added November 21's time, saved and closed. It's about time we started seeing the wonders of ODF, right?

Today, I opened again the spreadsheet and noticed the times were really wrong. I asked on #koffice and was informed by Marijn Kruisselbrink this was a bug he had fixed for KOffice 2.3 (so no fix released yet). The upstream report is https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=253042 The precise details of this issue are not clear, but basically, when certain time values are saved in an ODS file, the time saved has some random data. When reopening the same file which looked OK, KSpread shows the time as 00:00:00. If you click the cell, you see the value in the top bar is the actual value - apparently. This does not work so well with other ODS programs, like Calc (and probably the fixed KSpread), which rather shows some more or less random values. What happened in my spreadsheet from Calc was that all durations of at least 1 hour were not corrupted, all others were corrupted. So the 25 minutes entries (00:25:00) were corrupted, but not 01:10:00.

To reproduce, just create a new sheet, put 5:00 in A1, save, and watch the displayed value change to 0:00 when reopening the document.

According to Marijn, there is no 2.2.3 planned. I don't think the fix was backported to branch 2.2, but Marijn doesn't think this would be hard. The fix is very short: http://websvn.kde.org/?revision=1183113&view=revision

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