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Bug#599825: kttsd: It is not possible, to choose any language

Hi Eckhart,

thanks for the reading. Due to reportbug, there are no dependencies related to 
kttsd. However, I have installed any (maybe) necessary packages to kttsd, like 
speech-dispatcher, festival, espeak and so on.

The problem exists since the developers changed to speech-dispatcher, and it 
exists on all my computers: amd64, i386 = desktop and notebooks. 

I tried several configurations, based on espeak, festival, flite , and also in 
English and German, with no success.

Of course I tried also fresh installations to avoid interfering with old 
configurations, but also had no luck.

At the moment I switched back to the older version and using mbrola, which is 
running perfectly and set kttsd to "hold" in aptitude. 

Best regards


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