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Bug#399292: mplayer: MPlayer rc1 can't be properly scaled by WM on start

Hi, Eckhart;

Good question. I believe this used to be the case in the past (but I might still be mistaken). Right now, it is not the case.

My current with Kwin 4.5.1 shows the mplayer window at movie size immediately. I even ran kwin and mplayer with very high niceness under heavy CPU load to slow them down as much as possible. I could not see at any time that the mplayer window painted full screen. It is movie-sized immediately.

Also, I notice that the left window border is not painted on this window [it is see-through] Don't know if this is related to the sizing.


On 5 November 2010 19:02, Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org> wrote:

you reported http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=399292 some time
ago, writing:
> I have my window manager (kwin) set up to automatically maximise
> mplayer-xv windows. This worked great up to mplayer1.0pre8. I installed
> mplayer-rc1 and now the resizing doesn't work -- the window snaps back to
> the movie size. What might have caused this? I can still resize the
> window manually afterward.

Does "the window snaps back" mean that it first maximizes (as it's supposed to
do) and only then switches to video size?


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