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Bug#596473: System Settings app does not remember my 2-monitor configuration after logout.

tags 596473 upstream


the bug you reported is a KDE bug. Please report it via
Help -> Report bug... menu item of the respective application
or by visiting https://bugs.kde.org/ and following instructions
to report a new bug.

Debian Qt/KDE maintainers do not have resources to deal with
non Debian-specific bugs and therefore it is unlikely that
your bug will be solved if you do not report it to KDE developers
directly (unless it is/has been reported by somebody else).

Whenever you open a bug report on the KDE bug tracking system, or 
you find that the bug has been already reported on it, you can couple 
both this Debian bug and the KDE bug together by sending the mail with 
the text below to control@bugs.debian.org (replace KDE-BUG-URL with 
the address of the bug report on https://bugs.kde.org/)

------------[ copy this ]------------
forwarded 596473 KDE-BUG-URL
------------[ copy this ]------------

If you need any help or have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

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