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Bug#595483: kde: KDE4 Crashes system

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> From: George Kiagiadakis [mailto:kiagiadakis.george@gmail.com]
> Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2010 7:48 AM
> To: Leslie Rhorer
> Cc: 595483@bugs.debian.org
> Subject: Re: Bug#595483: kde: KDE4 Crashes system
> On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 3:32 PM, Leslie Rhorer <lrhorer@fletchergeek.com>
> wrote:
> >        A "normal" severity for a bug that causes the system to be
> > completely unusable when the package is in use?  That locks up the
> system
> > like Fort Knox?  That causes data loss if any files are still open?  I'm
> > hard pressed to think of a more severe problem.
> It is a serious problem, but it is not related to the 'kde' package
> where you reported it. The 'kde' package is a metapackage from lenny
> and does not even exist in squeeze. The most likely cause of the bug
> is the kernel, so this bug should eventually be reasigned there and
> have its severity raised, however I cannot do that until the problem
> has been fully identified.


> >        There are no proprietary gpu drivers, and please re-read the
> post.
> > One of the systems is Intel.  Both systems were upgraded from Debian
> "Lenny"
> > with no problems whatsoever running KDE3.  Neither has any problem
> running
> > gnome.  KDE4 was so unusable on the Pentium system I wiped the drive and
> > installed fresh from the "Squeeze" installer.  It didn't help.  Both use
> the
> > graphics processors embedded on the motherboard, with plain-vanilla
> Debian
> > installations straight from the Debian install CD.  The Pentium system
> is an
> > old Dell Optiplex GX-1 system, which is about as Plain Jane Intel as it
> > gets.  The AMD is over a year old.  All of the software on both machines
> -
> > other than that I have written myself - is straight from the Debian
> > repositories.
> An intel system can have an amd graphics card, this is not uncommon. I

	As I said, neither has a graphics card, and I certainly have never
seen an Intel motherboard with an AMD GPU.  I would think the execs at Intel
would rather have their nards shredded than use an AMD product on one of
their motherboards.  Come to think of it, however, would the GPU or its
drivers even have any effect on XDMCP?  I'm not an expert on X11, but I
don't think X11 makes use of any local GPU resources - hardware or software
- when the X-server is remote, does it?  That, along with the fact the GPUs
are as different as can be would seem to tend to eliminate the GPUs or their
drivers as the source of the issue.

	That said, on a note related to the Intel GPU, I did have to disable
the i915 modeset in /etc/modeprobe.d/i915-kms.conf on the Pentium system or
else it would not boot without a monitor.  As I recall, the video driver
installed by Debian is xserver-xorg-video-intel.  (Oh, BTW, I mis-spoke a
bit:  It's a GX-260, not a GX-1.)

	On what I don't think is a related note - but could be - KDM does
not come up on the console of the AMD machine.  The console never switches
to the graphical interface.  I'm not sure why, but since I never use the
console, I really haven't worried about it.  I don't recall exactly when
this broke.  I don't think it was during the upgrade to "Squeeze" / KDE4,
but I could be mistaken.  It definitely worked under "Lenny", however.

> still believe the problem is in graphics drivers, though. Even if
> these are the free intel or radeon drivers. Radeon drivers are known
> to lock up if their non-free firmware is missing, perhaps you should
> make sure to install firmware-linux-nonfree and I'm not sure about the

	I don't follow.  The embedded controller on the Asus MB is a Radeon
HD 3200, though.

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