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Bug#582568: kdm: causes kaboom to show upgrade dialog on first root login


On antradienis 10 Rugpjūtis 2010 13:06:49 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > We investigated this issue a bit on IRC, and two workarounds were
> > discovered.  Either init.d/kdm can set KDEROOTDIR to some more
> > sensible location (like /var/lib/kdm/).  This will make kdm stop
> > creating files in the root users home directory, and is a more proper
> > fix.
> Given that squeeze is frozen, I suggest this is done to kdm quickly to
> get a fix into Squeeze before it release.

You're welcome to propose patches.

> > An alternative to avoid the config migration dialog when root log in
> > for the first time, is to change kaboom to look for ~/.kde/share/
> > instead of just ~/.kde/.  The files would still be created by kdm in
> > ~root/.kde/, but the dialog would no longer show up.
> This should probably be done too.
> For Debian Edu, we have implemented a workaround and touch
> /root/.local/kaboom during installation to make sure kaboom do not
> show up when the root user log in for the first time.
> I suspect this bug should be release critical, but am not sure so I
> have not raised the severity.  Asked on #debian-release for their
> view, but did not get a definite answer.

First of all, nobody should login to desktop as root. Secondly, I'm not 
denying that there is an issue about kdm creating useless files, but there is 
nothing critical or RC about it given the former.

kaboom could be smarter in this case but again there is nothing RC about it.

> Would be nice to have some comment on this issue before Squeeze is
> released.
> Happy hacking,

Yes, as soon as the patch is available, we might consider it.

Happy hacking

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