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Re: crystalcursors: the corner resize cursors are swapped

On måndagen den 28 september 2009, Flavio Stanchina wrote:
> The corner resize cursors are swapped in all the Crystal cursor themes:
> the NW-SE cursor appears in the top right and bottom left corners while
> the NE-SW cursor appears in the top left and bottom right corners.

This is a strange bug. It only seems to occur when I change themes using the 
Mouse module of System Settings, not when I log on and start a new KDE 

Basically all the cursor packages except oxygencursors display the same bug. 
It appears that it has to do with the hash symlinks 
fcf1c3c7cd4491d801f1e1c78f100000 and c7088f0f3e6c8088236ef8e1e3e70000, which 
according to the author of Crystalcursors is part of the "QT symlinks mess". 
oxygencursors does not have these symlinks; apparently KDE/Qt uses size_fdiag 
and size_bdiag instead.

It's almost as if those two hashes were mixed up in KDE 4, perhaps in QString 
XCursorTheme::findAlternative(const QString &name) const in xcursortheme.cpp? 
Could someone from the KDE team please take a quick look?

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@debian.org
Debian Developer 

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