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Bug#591099: konsole: Close Tab-Shortcut disabled

This appears to be the KDE bug here:


The long and short of it is that by default, Kopete has ctrl-shift-w as a 
global shortcut for "Set Away/Back", and as it is a global shortcut, it's 
supposed to always work, even when Konsole is in the foreground.

I'm still looking around, but I suspect the 'right' answer is thus:

1) Ensure that the default keybindings are self-consistent. Perhaps KDE should 
not have shipped with a application keybinding that overlaps a global 

- or -

2) Check that a global keybinding is actually being used, and if not, pass it 
along to the active window. In this case, pass ctrl-shift-w on to Konsole when 
Kopete is not running. Note that this will be rather opaque to a user - in our 
case, ctrl-shift-w would only work if Kopete was not open.

and either way:

3) Have something to let the use know that the application's keybinding is 
being masked by a global keybinding. I suspect that when a keybinding doesn't 
work, many people's first reaction is to check the keybindings config box, and 
they'll assume that if it's there, it should work. If the entry was grayed out 
or somesuch, it would make a bit more sense.

--Scott Gilliland

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