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Bug#590336: Black desktop with plasma-netbook

Package: plasma-netbook
Version: 4:4.4.4-1

Reference: Bug No. #584905 

The bug #584905 
"plasma-netbook doesn't auto-start on a fresh install"
still exists.

plasma-netbook still doesn't start automatically in a fresh debian 
squeeze/testing installation. After login one see a black screen with a mouse 

The startup method described as a solution for bug #584905, which selects 
plasma-desktop or plasma-netbook for startup, need both packages being 
It doesn't work, if plasma-netbook is installed alone.

should be created and a dual installation of both, plasma-desktop and plasma-
netbook, should be prevented by package-management.

Alternatively, a package dependency should be created, so that plasma-netbook 
depends on plasma-desktop and both being installed if plasma-netbook is 
In this case, there should be an configuration option to start the one or the 
other on users choice.

Kind Regards
Matthias Faulstich

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