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Bug#590304: XScreenSaver hacks sometimes vanish from KDE system settings

Package: kscreensaver-xsavers
Version: 4.4.5-1

(This presumably applies to kscreensaver-xsavers-webcollage as well.)

Sometimes I notice that the screensaver I picked doesn't run, and instead the screen is just blanked. When I look in the KDE system settings, I see that the XScreenSaver hacks are gone. KDE's own screen savers are still listed, as are the ones from rss-glx.

Currently I have the following XScreenSaver packages installed:

ii  xscreensaver-data                      5.11-1
ii  xscreensaver-data-extra                5.11-1
ii  xscreensaver-gl                        5.11-1
ii  xscreensaver-gl-extra                  5.11-1
ii  xscreensaver-screensaver-bsod          5.11-1
ii  xscreensaver-screensaver-webcollage    5.11-1

I.e. I do not have the actual "xscreensaver" package, since I figured that KDE handles those parts by itself, and running both would just lead to confusion.

If I do install "xscreensaver" the XScreenSaver hacks reappear in the KDE system settings, and remain there even if I purge "xscreensaver" immediately afterwards. I'm guessing that the problem is that the .desktop files for the XScreenSaver hacks contain the following line:


Perhaps that should be removed? Or should there be a dependency on xscreensaver after all? I'm sure you have a much better idea how this is supposed to work than I do.


Torbjörn Andersson

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