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Bug#588080: kde-standard should not depend on dragonplayer


On pirmadienis 05 Liepa 2010 14:27:52 Alexander GQ Gerasiov wrote:
> Sure. kde-multimedia depends on it and this is enough.
> > Until KDE SC has
> > something better to offer, I don't see a good alternative.
> > kde-standard package cannot come without media player these days.
> Which functionality would be broken in kde-base if there will be no
> mediaplayer? If there will be another mediaplayer (mplayer, totem)?

kde-standard is a metapackage which pulls a standard set of packages which 
most KDE users would find useful (in our opinion). We think that a media 
player is mandatory nowadays. If you hate particular software, remove kde-
standard (which is just a metapackage) and you'll be able to get rid of the 
dragonplayer. We do not aim nor can adhere to everybody's personal wishes.

You can also choose from kde-minimal alike kde-plasma-desktop and kde-plasma-
netbook but they are really minimal.

> In case if kde-base really need mediaplayer:
> Should is depend on it or just recommend?
> Is it possible to use a dependency with alternatives?

People have Recommends disabled so a media player is Depends. In fact, I could 
agree with sane alternative Depends. The problem is that there is no other 
official KDE SC media player.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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