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Bug#586946: Preview of jpg files is broken in a strange way

retitle 586946 Please make a default threshold size for preview a little bigger.
severity 586946 wishlist

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 10:49:14PM +0200, Frederik Schwarzer wrote:
> IMG_6370.JPG is bigger than 1MB; IMG_6377.JPG smaller.
> Maybe your preview settings do not allow previews of files
> bigger than 1MB.
> Settings -> Configure Dolphin ... -> General -> Previews
Huh... <feels like idiot>

I'd like to ask for a little bigger default. 1MB is a really small value.
About 50% of my pictures are bigger than that. And I do not even use the
highest resolution in my camera.

windows jest jak Odie - głupi jak but, cały czas się uśmiecha, a linux jak
Garfield - może i by coś zrobił, ale trzeba go najpierw do tego zmusić.

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