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Bug#582844: unusable KNetAttach launcher


On ketvirtadienis 17 Birželis 2010 20:24:13 Carlo Stemberger wrote:
> Il 17/06/2010 19:12, Modestas Vainius ha scritto:
> > That's wrong. Executable is simply not in PATH. Use full path to run it.
> but it's not the same... a KDE user can start the program by clicking
> the icon; a * user has to type the full path into a terminal. Why this
> discrimination?

Because knetattach IS KDE specific, isn't? Do you think a DE can't have 
desktop specific applications or otherwise it is a discrimination?

> > And
> > your request is harmful.
> Why?

Circular dependency is a bug.

> > and kdebase-runtime
> > needs KNetAttach so it's a circular dependency with no benefit.
> I don't understand this point: why kdebase-runtime needs KNetAttach?

IIRC, Sune explained this to you earlier. Basically, KDE apps can assume 
everything from kdebase-runtime is installed and knetattach is part of 
kdebase-runtime. We are nowhere ready to split kdebase-runtime on the distro 
level without upstream support.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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