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Bug#582844: split

On Tuesday 15 June 2010 14:52:05 Carlo Stemberger wrote:
> retitle 582844 kdebase-runtime: please split knetattach in a new package
> severity 582844 wishlist
> thanks
> No, the executable file is present: /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/knetattach
> Anyway:
> 1) the standard PATH environment variable doesn't include this path, so
> it is not possible to start the program by clicking the icon

It is possible. In KDE.

> 2) I use some KDE packages that have kdebase-runtime as dependency, but
> I'd like not to install knetattach (I don't need it)

kdebase-runtime contains stuff that any kde app can expect to have around. So 

I have added OnlyShowIn=KDE; to the desktop file, so that it is only shown in 
KDE. I will mark this bug as fixed with that upload

> So, please split knetattach into a new binary package, if it's possible.
> Thank you!
> Carlo

Man, how could I boot the pin?

The point is that from Mac 2000 and from the file menu within Windows you 
can't boot from the prompt for cancelling a URL.

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