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Re: library tranistion proposal exiv2(0.20): libexiv2-6 -> libexiv2-9

On Sun, 2010-06-06 at 19:28 +1000, Mark Purcell wrote: 
> On Tuesday 01 June 2010 07:53:23 Mark Purcell wrote:
> > The following transition is proposed:
> > 
> > exiv2(0.20): libexiv2-6 -> libexiv2-9
> As there don't appear to be any problems/ objections.

>From my side, that was partly because I assumed you'd wait for an
explicit ack.  I should have replied sooner to confirm that; sorry for
not doing so.

> I intend to upload to unstable this week.

Please don't upload yet.

The big issue here is that we can't currently build kdebase-runtime on
hppa, due to kde4libs FTBFS there (see #561203).  It looks like this
will be worked around in qt4-x11 soon but I'd rather not start a
transition knowing that we can't currently finish it.



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